Rose Breasted/Galah Cockatoo Parrot


Bird Guarantee only lasts for the first five days
Since we have 100% control over the bird’s environment at our store, but have no control over the bird once it leaves, we can only guarantee the bird for the first five days. We guarantee that when the bird leaves the store that it has been properly socialized, and that it is 100% healthy. Your new bird has been given an excellent start here at Golden Cockatoo, and it is now your responsibility to properly care for your bird. We are always here to help you take the best care of your bird with the biggest variety and best quality bird products available in the world.


The Galah Cockatoos (Eolophus roseicapillus) – also known as Rose-breasted Cockoatoos – are generally well-adapted birds that are found in abundance throughout central Australia. They are also becoming increasingly common towards the coastal regions.

They are usually seen in large flocks, often feeding with Sulphur Crested Cockatoos.

Galahs make wonderful, energetic pets and when trained with consistency have a good talking ability. These birds have an affectionate and bubbly personality and are extremely popular as pets.

They are very smart and enjoy human company, loving to learn new tricks and impress their owner. Being well adapted to the dry conditions of central Australia, the Galah is a hardy and robust bird that adjusts well to climatic changes.

They are also keen chewers and require toys or other forms of boredom relief to keep them stimulated and out of trouble. Pet galahs should always be obtained as hand reared birds from aviary-bred parents and once again, males generally make better pets than females. It is not advisable to obtain a pet Galah from the wild as these birds quickly revert to their wild behaviours and become difficult birds to keep.

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